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January 3, 2017

Fast and Furious 8 release date:- Vin Diesel reveals movie launch date on Instagram

Fast and Furious 8 release date is what the action movie fans wants to know right now. Fast and Furious 8 release date is out. Fast and Furious 8 release date was first revealed by Vin Diesel on Instagram. The fans of the fast and furious franchise were all eagerly waiting for the next installment. well, we all knew that it is in the making but all of us wanted to knew the official date. It was a surprise because they didn’t give any hints before. Like how much the movie has been shot or who is in the new cast of the furious 8 and stuff like that. We always knew that there will be one more movie to go. Most of the fans were hoping that they produce another part of the [...]