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Fast and Furious 8 weekend collection prediction( box office earnings)
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Fast and Furious 8 weekend collection prediction( box office earnings)

by adminFebruary 7, 2017

Fast and Furious 8 weekend collection predictions are happening around the globe. Here is our report on Fast and Furious 8 weekend collection. Fast and Furious is one of the biggest action movie franchise in the world. This franchise is at its prime. The fans all around the world love and appreciate their work very much. There are already 7 installments delivered under this franchise. Almost all of them were very successful all around the globe. This is a movie franchise which grossed over $1.5 billion in their last film Furious 7. The 8th installment of the series “The fate of the furious” is almost done filming. The trailers are officially released and are running on Youtube. The hype and buzz after the trailer launch enhanced to whole another level. Fast and Furious 8 trailer has became one of the most watched trailers in record time.

In terms of collection or earnings at box office fast and furious franchise never disappoints. There is such big fan base of this franchise who never let it down. They bigger fact is that they are loved all round the world equally. The previous parts of fast and furious series all had decent opening weekend earnings. What is more interesting is that the value of the production house increased immensely over the years. The next part is always better than the previous one. At box office too, the next installment always do better than the previous part.

The biggest box office collection was achieved last year. Furious 7 earned whooping $1.5 billion globally. There were many factors responsible for that. The first and the biggest one was the death of Co- star Paul walker. He was part of the series from the very beginning. The actor was just 40 years old. He died in a car accident during the making of furious 7. The film released delayed over a year due to this accident. In the movie they gave their condolence to the actor in the end. A true fan would have definitely cried in the end, Certainly i did. All the fans wanted to see their beloved star last tile on the movie. Like a storm, people went to see Paul one last time. This gave a record breaking box office figures to the movie.

The 2nd factor was the introduction of the world famous action star Jason statham in the film. Furious 7 was the debut of Jason Statham under Fast and Furious franchise. The best part was his role. He had been introduced as a negative character in the movie. Every action movie fan around the world wanted to see Vin diesel and Jason Statham go against each other hand to hand. These 2 events mostly enhanced the popularity of the film. The box office collection of the Fast and Furious franchise always shown increment in the next installment. After Furious 7’s record collection, will the franchise be able to have similar earnings (in billions of dollars) or the box office figures will go down. It would be very interesting to see how much the 8th installment earn.

Fast and Furious 8 weekend collection:-

Fast and Furious 8 weekend collection is very difficult to predict. The opening weekends are very important in terms of box office. Every movie earns the most in their opening weekend. A good opening weekend makes the film hit. On the other hand a sloppy opening weekend could make the same film a flop at the box office. Furious 7 was the record earner in the series. The next installment fast and furious 8 will decide whether the upcoming franchise installments will have same record box office collections or not. Fast and Furious 8 box office collections will tell us whether the record collection was only for Furious 7 or the franchise has evolved astoundingly and they are going to break their own record figures in every movie.

Here is the opening weekend collection of the Fast and Furious movies. The real change came at Fast 5 at the box office.

Movie                                                     Weekend box office collection

The Fast and Furious                           $40,089,015

2 Fast 2 Furious                                    $50,472,480

The Fast and Furious ( Tokyo drift)  $23,973,840

Fast and Furious                                   $70,950,500

Fast 5                                                      $86,198,765

Fast and Furious 6                               $97,375,245

Furious 7                                                $147,163,560

Fast and Furious 8 weekend collection is predicted to be $110,849,555 in domestic cinemas. Fast and Furious 8 opening weekend is expected to be $230 million world wide.

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