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Fast and Furious 8 full movie:- 2017 biggest blockbuster
Best Action Movie of the year

Fast and Furious 8 full movie:- 2017 biggest blockbuster

by adminJanuary 26, 2017

Fast and Furious 8 full movie is the biggest blockbuster of the year. fast and furious 8 full movie and all the generic info is available right here. In furious 7 everything was settled. The outlaws were free from the bounty on their heads by the government, Brain and Mia retired after having a child, Dom and letty went on their honeymoon. Actually the whole crew was a semblance of a normal life. In the trailer it is shown that dom turns on his own team. Dominic toretto is seduced by a woman again into the world of crime. Maybe dom started to miss the good old days and decided to go rogue.

The whole family thing is being flushed out in this movie. It is just about winning, surviving and taking the other down. The whole team is broken. Now the friends will be foes and the rivals will become friends. It is quite interesting to see that. Jason statham who was introduced as a bad guy in furious 7 will now work will the team which has good motives. They will try their best to stop dom and their new rival. Dom against his team, who is gonna win. To know that you need to watch the film, it is like you would have never seen before.

The year 2017 has just started and we can already say that it will be a blockbuster. Fast and Furious 8 will launch in April 2017. All the fast and furious films are filmed at some diverse locations. This time there are some location where no films has ever filmed before. Like in Cuba, no movie was ever filmed in Cuba before. Fast and Furious 8 full movie is the first one to do so. We have also heard that most of the shooting and crazy stunt work was done in Iceland. If you all would remember the last scene of the trailer where a submarine come up and blows all the cars, yeah that’s Iceland. The last but not the least is New york. In fast and furious 8 full movie you will see our actors to drive some cool cars and do some crazy stunts on the streets of new york.

Fast and Furious 8 full movie

Fast and Furious franchise is known for the hot cars and some high quality larger than life action. If you wanna know about the hottest cars which you are going to see in fast and furious 8 full movie you are at right place. Checkout now the Hottest rides which are used in Fast and Furious 8 full movie. This movie has some crazy action involved in it. The action and crazy stunts are well what Fast and Furious franchise is all about. What you will see different in this part is the script. The angle and story in which our main hero dominic toretto becomes the bad guy has never been shown before. It is very interesting to see the good guy become bad and the bad guys do the good things.

The whole star cast of the fast and furious 8 full movie is also world class. They have the most recognized faces from all around the globe. The Star cast is huge and you will see some of the well known actors working on this movie. You can checkout Fast and Furious 8 Full movie star cast from here. Ludacris is also given a action scene in this movie. We have always seen him as a tech geek sitting behind the computers but in this movie you guys will see him in action. Fast and Furious 8 Full movie will be incomplete without Paul walker. Our beloved actor died while furious 7 was still in making. The bigger question will be if we will see his character Paul walker again or not. If paul walker is shown then who will play as paul walker. You can check out here who will play Paul Walker’s character in Fast and Furious 8 full movie.

You can Watch Fast and Furious 8 trailer from here. Fast and Furious movies always performed very well at box office. The last part Furious 7 made history and earned over $1.5 billion. Check out our Fast and Furious 8 full movie box office collection prediction.

Directed by :- F. Gary Gray
Produced by :- Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel
Music by :- Brian Tyler
Release date :- April 14, 2017

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