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Fast and Furious 8 first day collection prediction (Box office earnings)
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Fast and Furious 8 first day collection prediction (Box office earnings)

by adminFebruary 1, 2017

Fast and Furious 8 first day collection started to be predicted around the world. Fast and Furious 8 first day collection is expected to be huge. However the exact analysis is done by the popularity of the franchise and the fan base. Fast and Furious 8 is highly buzzed all around the world. Seeing the last part of fast and furious series which is also known as Furious 7 we can guess the minimum or an average collection of the upcoming Fast and Furious 8 in box office. Furious 7 was the biggest earner of the franchise. The earnings were over $1.5 billion which is one of the record earnings ever in the history.

Fast and Furious franchise is at its peak. They are connected in all parts of the world. Almost in every country this franchise has been able to connect with the roots and create a huge fan base. It does not matter if you live in America, Europe, Asia or any other country in the whole world, this movie will have a big impact on cinemas near you and you will find a huge fan base of this franchise. The popularity and fan base for this franchise has tremendously grown in the past few years.

Since the death of one of the leading actors of fast and furious franchise Paul walker, a wave of fans bloated over the franchise for support. All of them payed their condolences to the actor, it was a disaster for Paul’s family but it has dramatically enhanced the love and support for the franchise. The other factor which comes in is the star cast. fast and furious 8 has one of the most popular star cast in the world. Be it Vin diesel or Dwayne Johnson or the new added Action star Jason Statham, each one of them made the franchise more diverse and strong.

Fast and Furious 8 first day collection prediction (Box office earnings)

Fast and Furious 8 First day collection Prediction:-

Box office collection of the franchise has also increased tremendously well along with the popularity. The first, 2nd and 3rd part were also quite successful but a huge change came in Fast5. Since fast and furious 5 even the box office collection of this franchise enhanced and reached a whole new level.

Movie                                                                     Total Box office collection till date( world wide)

The Fast and Furious (2001)                                  $206,512,310

2 fast 2 furious                                                           $236,410,607

The fast and Furious (Tokyo drift)                         $157,794,205

Fast and Furious                                                       $363,064,265

Fast five                                                                      $629,969,804

Fast and Furious 6                                                   $789,300,444

Furious 7                                                                    $1,516,748,684

In the very first weekend Furious 7 earned over $384 million world wide. The buzz and the popularity of fast and furious 8 is quite the same. Furious 7 was released around 10,500 centers and 63 territories world wide. The fate of the furious is also expected to be released with same numbers of territories. The trailer has been widely appreciated by the viewers around the globe. The plot of the Fast and Furious 8 also quite different this time. The story line to the action, everything is different. The viewers and fans all are thrilled and eagerly waiting for the release.

Our prediction says that Fast and Furious 8 will earn over $500 million world wide during its first weekend. Fast and Furious 8 first day collection is expected to touch $200 million world wide. However in India Fast and Furious 8 first day collection can be predicted over Rs 20 cr. For future updates regarding the box office collection of fast and furious 8 stay tuned. Let us know through the comment section below what are your expectations for Fast and Furious 8 first day collection.

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